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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

BBC Scotland and the Union

Interesting times we live in.

In his Budget, George Osborne, announces he will reduce the 50p top rate of tax - set by the last Labour Government - to 45p. He is confident, apparently, that those earning over £150,000 per annum will now give up their illegal tax-dodging ways and will happily pay this lower rate leading to greater tax take at the Treasury. The Labour Party, quite rightly, decried this as nonsense. Led by Ed Balls (the Shadow Chancellor), they were to fight this Tory tax giveaway to the rich at every turn.

On Monday night they had their chance. The Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru jointly introduced a motion against the top-rate reduction. Labour abstained.

Leaked emails have already shown there is confusion in Labour ranks about what happened.

More sinister is the instruction contained in one of the emails 'We should probably hold off releasing line in Scotland just yet, in the hope that it is ignored...'

Ignored, presumably, by the mainstream media. It has been. Primarily by BBC Scotland - the latest in a long line of issues damaging to the Labour Party to be ignored by the State broadcaster.

It got worse.

Last night, Willie Bain (Labour MP for Glasgow North East) provided clarity. It had not been a mix-up in the Labour group. No, he tweeted, it is a 'long standing convention in the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) not to support SNP motions'.

Really, Willie? Regardless of merit? Regardless of whether it would benefit the electorate? Regardless of whether it would benefit your own constituents? Constituents, Willie, the people who elect you; pay your wages...

So, Labour. The People's Party. Scotland's Party, they claim. Putting themselves and their hatred of the SNP above all else.

A great story for the media. BBC Scotland's response?

No response. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

The BBC has long claimed to be an independent, unbiased arbiter of news broadcasting. Their recent record in Scotland - particularly with regard to the ongoing independence debate has been nothing short of disgraceful. They have shown themselves to be nothing less than an instrument of the State, supporting the Unionist agenda. They are no longer fit for purpose.

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