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Monday, 9 April 2012

Scottish Daily Express Joins The Party...

...that Party being the bastard child of the three Unionist parties with their cohorts in the print and broadcast media. Let's call them the Anti-Scottish Party because, despite their fake outrage at Joan McAlpine's comments earlier this year, they reveal far too much with every loaded headline and spurious allegation and show themselves to be exactly that.

Let me be clear. It is not anti-Scottish to be unsupportive of the SNP. It is not anti-Scottish to support a 'No' vote in the forthcoming referendum. And it is not anti-Scottish to actively campaign in accordance with those beliefs.

At a stretch, it might not even be anti-Scottish to systematically pick away at a democratically-elected, majority government chosen by a significant number of Scots under a system that was designed (let's not be coy about this) to keep the Labour Party in power - even if, as a minimum, that was as the senior partner in a coalition.

It is, though, anti-Scottish to try and degrade the Scottish electorate by undermining their Government through manipulation, misdirection and misrepresentation.

Hot on the heels of the BBC's admission of manipulation in their mis-reporting of Nicola Sturgeon's statements on bank bailouts during her interview with Brian Taylor, we have had Anas Sarwar's untruths on the competing consultation exercises which were widely reported by the media initially but for which he was never held to account when disproved; the outrageous campaign across all media to somehow pin UK Corporation Tax loopholes on the Edinburgh Government; and The Scotsman's frankly laughable online poll about the proposed date for the Referendum which so inspired the Scots Diaspora in the US that they voted in their thousands within a few minutes of each other according to Deputy Editor Kenny Farquharson.

These are just a few examples of the daily 'sexing-up' of headlines that our newspapers, in particular, are guilty of.

The latest example is the 'Scottish' Daily Express' incomprehension that Alex Salmond might think it appropriate for Scotland to retain a pro-rata share of UK assets should we vote for independence in 2014.

The Express reports - no, sorry, 'reports' isn't quite accurate - asserts that it would 'an extraordinary bid' to 'snatch' United Kingdom assets.

Well, forgive me if I've understood things correctly but the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (last time I checked) included Scotland and its assets were bought and paid for with taxes collected from all of us - Scots weren't exempt.

The press make much play of asking how Scotland will finance it's share of UK liabilities (that's debts to normal people) so we do get a share of those. Just not the assets that created the debts. Logic is obviously in short supply at the Express, even if irony isn't.

To give the article some balance they enlisted Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson who helpfully added that Salmond was 'living in cloud cuckoo land' and the prospect of receiving a share of UK assets was 'fantasy'. Presumably then, Ms Ferguson also believes it is 'fantasy' that Scotland assume a share of UK debt? Perhaps she can make that clear next time she appears as a 'rent-a-gob' for the Express.

More seriously, she might want to consider (using another recent analogy) if it would be fair for a wife who filed for divorce to pay half the debts incurred in the marriage but not to receive any proceeds from the sale of the house, either of the two cars, no furniture, savings, electrical goods or even the children.

That position might be considered 'anti-wife'.

Are the Daily Express and Patricia Ferguson being 'anti-Scottish'? You betcha!

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  1. I have been waiting for the asset question to appear I kept mentioning to various sites,and to everybody I bored(spoke to)Now the fun should begin,next part is Scotland being the senior country i.e. was an established as a country centuries before England was created.Something tells me that entitles us to certain preferences,but I could be wrong.This will do just now,I can see them wetting themselves,and the panic is on as I expect them to have hidden some of the assets or undervalued what is there.Lots more to come dear me the Labour "Mob" must think we are all stupid.I really cant explain the joy I feel.