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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's A No-Brainer

I note with interest that one of Better Together's 'Real Scots' believes that the Union guarantees her 'hospital care'.

Not only does this raise serious questions about whether she has the appropriate political nous to appear in a political broadcast but also about the devious mendacity of those responsible for producing the launch video.

One day after the launch, we now know that 22 PFI hospital trusts are in serious financial difficulty, while the South London Healthcare Trust - set up by the Labour Government - is in imminent danger of going bust with health officials admitting it has a shortfall of £1 million each week. Although the men from the Ministry are sending in 'Special Administrators', they also accept that there may be job losses and reductions in service.

With the Tory-Lib Dem coalition continuing its privatisation programme which is handing over huge chunks of the NHS to Serco and Virgin Health, voters in England and Wales must really be scared about what services they'll be able to access in the future. Already in Dorset, Serco have decided that pre-natal ultrasound scans are unnecessary.

Labour, no doubt, will beg the electorate to oust the Tories and give them another opportunity to prove that the NHS is 'safe in their hands' but I'm afraid the record is unconvincing. Not only because of their enthusiastic embrace of PFI (which is now biting everyone in the ass) but because they have a shameful record of not repealing any vindictive Tory policies - including those inflicted on their paymasters, the Trade Unions.

Meanwhile, the NHS in Scotland is rolling along very nicely, thank you very much - publicly owned, operated and financed. Health, of course, being a devolved matter.

So, in whose hands is our NHS really safe? Westminster or Holyrood? The UK or Scotland? Better Together or Independence?

It's a no-brainer. Much like the some of the 'Real Scots' we've seen recently.

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