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Friday, 18 January 2013

Wasting Precious Time With Emails

As a grandson of two Englishmen and the father of three English sons, I did not feel that I could just ignore the outrageous remarks of Ian Davidson MP during the S30 Order Debate in the Commons. As a proud Scot and a member of the SNP, I could not allow him to suggest that Scots celebrate Bannockburn as the "murder of hundreds or thousands of English people".

Bannockburn, in fact, is not 'celebrated' at all but commemorated as a battle that secured Scotland's independence from an aggressive invader much in the same way the Battle of Britain is commemorated throughout the United Kingdom - Scotland included. No doubt Mr Davidson reflects on Battle of Britain celebrations as the day we can rejoice in the spilling of German blood; or Trafalgar Day as the occasion where we glory in all the French and Spanish people who were slaughtered.

Let me be upfront. I agree, politically, with very little that Mr Davidson stands for but that is not the point. On Tuesday last, in front of the watching world, in the Mother of Parliaments, the Honourable Member for Glasgow South West portrayed his countrymen as bloodthirsty psychopaths who revel in the death and destruction of other human beings. No doubt this is all part of his positive campaign to retain the Union. Just as distressing to me has been the total silence from other Labour politicians and activists in relation to his absurd remarks. The mainstream media has also, thus far, been strangely silent.

That is why I felt moved to email every MP who represents a Scottish constituency giving them the opportunity to disassociate themselves from Mr Davidson's remarks. I will provide updates on this blog on the responses I receive. The email is reproduced in my previous blog 'Just Davidson, Or Are Others Complicit?'

I have received a few responses already. As I expected, most are hiding behind the shield of Parliamentary protocol that suggests MPs do not raise or pursue issues for non-constituents. Of course, I am asking them to do neither of these things and the convention does not apply to my email merely seeking their opinion on  Mr Davidson's speech. It will be interesting to see which MPs will continue to evade the issue behind inappropriate and wrongly-applied conventions and which will have the guts to answer honestly. Surely they can't be afraid that the combative Mr Davidson will give them a 'doing'?

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